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Guidance information for people going through divorce and separation written by expert family lawyers.

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The rights of the common law wife: Myths and Reality

Stephen Kent, partner at Dutton Gregory LLP Solicitors, dispels the commonly held misconception that an unmarried woman acquires financial rights against her partner simply because she has lived with him for six months or more.

International Child Abductions

Mandeep Gill, an Associate Solicitor at The International Family Law Group LLP, provides an outline of the the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (the "Hague Convention").

Should my new partner adopt my children?

Should a step-parent adopt the child/ren of their partner? Few people understand the impact of adoption and whether it is necessary for their family unit. Matthew Thom, a solicitor from Rayden Solicitors, clarifies the issue.

Guide to Completing your Financial Statement

The Financial Statement (previously a Form E) is a vital part of your financial case. Julian Bremner, a solicitor from Rayden Solicitors, explains how to complete it.